Areca Palm

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August 25, 2013

Areca Palm Tree

A native tree to Madagascar, the Areca Palm Tree is one of the most popular palm trees anywhere, and quite likely the most common palm tree planted indoors. It is sometimes known as the Butterfly Palm, probably due to it’s gently flowing leaves …

Highly desired for its good looks, the Areca Palm doesn’t require a lot of watering, and can in fact be negatively impacted by over watering. Once a week watering is plenty!

When grown in a container, the Areca Palm grows to a height of anywhere from five to ten feet, making it an ideal choice for practically any indoor living space. The tree’s feathery type leaves offer an interesting spectrum of color, from deep green to a very light green with yellow hues …

The Areca offers delightful bright yellow and golden blooms, as well as (inedible) small fruit that starts out a light olive green color before turning to red. This tree grows a little faster than other palms and enjoys having its leaves misted a couple times per week. Areca Palms are quite hardy, and have minimal problems with disease or insects. Occasionally spider mites may roost in the tree, but consistent misting generally resolves this minor annoyance …

In a natural outdoor environment, Areca Palms are commonly seen growing in clumps near lakes and rivers. They typically grow a flowering stem which attracts honeybees, and can tolerate temperatures as low as 25 degrees …

Areca Palm Tree

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